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Polite and professional

The cleaner from this micks mattress cleaning Melbourne service I hired did an outstanding job on my old queen-size mattress. After he cleaned the mattress' the colours popped and returned to their original colour. I will call them again to clean any of my mattresses in the future. Their staff has profound knowledge. Highly recommended!
- Oliver

My mattress cleaning was great!

I wanted to book an appointment at the last minute, and the expert from this mattress cleaning Melbourne team was very responsive and made me an appointment on such short notice. Their cleaner always kept me updated on his schedule and when he would be arriving. He did an amazing job on our 5-year-old mattress and it looks brand new now. The price was reasonable too!
- Christine

So fast in responding and cleaning

I highly recommend this mattress cleaning Melbourne service. I needed to get my king-size mattress cleaned but I had a busy schedule as I recently shifted to a new house. The entire communication was done over the phone or by text. The team was so fast in responding too.
- Geoff

Maintained hygiene throughout the process

I found this mattress cleaning Melbourne service on google and the 5-star reviews are well deserved. The cleaners maintained hygiene throughout the process. They washed their hands before beginning. Also maintained proper distance and followed covid protocols. My mattresses look great and meet my expectations completely.
- Wayne

Great job

This mattress cleaning Melbourne team did a great job! They kept in touch before arriving and also provided an estimated time to arrive. The cleaners were very professional and thorough. They did the job with complete efficiency as well & cleaned up after themselves. I'm so satisfied with the results. They exceeded my expectations!
- Simon

Extremely satisfied

I recently had my mattress cleaned by a professional cleaning service, and I must say I am very impressed with the results. The service was efficient and effective, leaving my mattress looking and feeling like new. The team arrived on time, was courteous and respectful of my home, and completed the job quickly without causing any disturbance. They used specialized equipment and techniques to remove all the dust, dirt, and stains from my mattress, leaving it fresh and clean. I was amazed at how much dirt and dust they were able to extract from my mattress, even though I had regularly vacuumed and spot-cleaned it myself. The service was also reasonably priced and provided excellent value for money. Overall, I highly recommend professional mattress cleaning to anyone looking to improve their sleeping environment and extend the life of their mattress.
- Maclaren

Professional and transparent

I recently had my mattress cleaned by a professional cleaning service and I am so happy with the results! The team was prompt, courteous, and thorough in their cleaning. They used specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to remove stains, dust mites, and odors from my mattress. I was amazed at how much dirt and debris they were able to extract from the mattress. The cleaning process was quick and efficient, and I was able to use my mattress again the same day. The best part is that I noticed a significant improvement in my quality of sleep after the cleaning. I highly recommend mattress cleaning to anyone looking to improve their sleep and overall health.
- M. Milligan