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Best Methods to Dry Your Wet Mattress

A soggy mattress can be home to various moulds, microbes, viruses and bacteria. Sometimes because of kids, the mattress gets urine stains and starts smelling filthy. That is why the mattress should be clean and hygienic. If a mattress has been underwater for more than 24 hours or wet with floodwater that could contain sewage, fuel or contaminants. Then, discard it rather than attempt to save it. If your mattress is wet for any reason like spills, stains or urine spots then it is salvageable. You should dry it quickly as soon as possible. A damp and soggy mattress smells dirty and spoils your mood so the best way to dry your wet mattress is to call professionals like us. Also, we have discussed below the Best methods to dry your wet mattress.

Dry Your Wet Mattress

The Best Methods For Drying Your Wet And Clean Mattress Are:

  • Hairdryer

A hairdryer can be used for smaller wet spots not for the whole mattress. This method is simple and effective. You can blot the moisture with an absorbent towel or tissues to dry the spot as much as possible. You should hold the hairdryer a few inches above the mattress to dry the spot for at least 15-20 minutes. Then allow the affected area to cool down and then check if the spot is dry or not. If it still needs more heat then repeat the process.

  • Drying the mattress with kitty litter

If the area is huge then the hairdryer won’t work. Have to use towels to soak up the excess moisture from the mattress. Still, if the area is wet then you should spread the clean kitty litter all over the wet surface and let it rest for an hour or two. You can even apply force on the mattress to begin the soaking up process. The litter can be covered with rags if you prefer to apply the pressure and absorb the moisture. At last vacuum the litter from the mattress. Repeat the procedure if needed.

  • Drying the mattress with fans

Alternatively, you can use fans pointing to the two sides of the mattress and also open the windows for more ventilation and drying. You can open the windows and allow sunlight to come in till when you spread the litter on the surface of the mattress. This air will also break down the musty smell and let the mattress dry from within also. You should do this even in a couple of months to kill the bacteria lurking unknowingly. This is also a disinfection process of making your bedding healthy and germ-free.

Do’s and Don’ts of Mattress Maintenance 

  • If you are trying to clean your mattress on your own then, do it very effectively or else it may be a victim to various microorganisms and moulds.
  • Use a mattress protector which is water-resistant to avoid the worse effects of spots and stains which occur accidentally on the mattress.
  • Wash the bed linens regularly along with the mattress protector to maintain complete hygiene but as per the manufacturer’s direction.
  • Do not try random market available products to clean your mattress as it may cause permanent damage to it.
  • Take out your mattress in the sunlight on a dry day to make it bacteria free and sanitized.
  • Stains should be spot treated and vacuuming should be done timely to remove the dust and settle dirt every day.
  • Don’t allow your mattress to stay wet for long.

These preventive tips will help you to take the advantage of your cosy mattress for a long but still, if you don’t get the expected results then do not think much and call us for the best ever mattress cleaning services to dry your wet mattress. Micks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne is known for its services for decades. We can clean all types and sizes of mattresses efficiently without any hassle. All you need to call us on our 24*7 customer care number and we will be there to serve you at any hour of the clock. Our booking times are feasible and flexible so that you can avail of our professional mattress steam cleaning & sanitizing service in Melbourne easily.

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